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Below is an email from Andrea to Ged and Rosie, documenting Milo’s routine for the weekend. They were looking after him while we went to Fran and Euan’s wedding.

Good morning to you both from a foggy Ely!  I can see the sun burning through though so all is not lost. Hope all is well up there with you, though I suspect you’re busy as usual especially with Grannies house to keep you out of mischief?


As requested i’m sending over some helpful hints on looking after Milo though to be honest if you keep him fed and dry the rest will be easy 🙂


First drink of the day in the blue cup with lid (will be provided) is 50% orange juice, 50% water.  Breakfast will either be grandpa’s shreddies and his milk (will be provided) or Gruffalo Toast (toast with margarine & ketchup). I’ll bring a loaf of his bread for you.


As for the rest of the day any of the following will see him eat well:


Jam sandwich (one slice bread)

Rollies (hula hoops, 1/2 packet at a time) Billy Bear (4 slices rolled on his plate – I’ll bring some along) Sausage rolls Sausages Chicken New, roast or mashed potato Green beans Broccoli Gravy Yorkshire pud Banana Raspberries Green grapes Cake Jelly Custard Water Orange squash (weak)


Tip: he’ll try most foods you present him with if he’s in the mood


Lunch is normal between 12 & 1 dinner around 5pm


Bath around 6pm


Followed by 1/2 bottle milk while watching something on iPlayer


Bed around 7 – don’t forget the nappy!


Night light left on overnight means you should get an undisturbed night 🙂


I’ll send along his iPad but please limit use to no more than an hour at a time as it can make him cranky. He’s into  drawing and painting and crafting at the moment so I’ll send some things along with his other toys but to be honest he’ll go along with whatever you suggest – half the fun as you know is in a change in routine.


FYI He’s currently working on a reward chart towards a new slide so We reward positive behaviour with a gold star.  if he mentions doing something and getting a gold star for it you’ll know why.


I can’t think of anything else but if you have any questions just let me know. Good luck and enjoy!



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