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Here are a few photos from the past few months

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I’ve just been looking back over some of my old e-mails when Milo was on his way. I sent this to close friends and family:

Well so far it’s slow going. The first contractions were at 4am on Saturday morning. The first trip to the hospital was on Sunday morning early, but there had been little progress. It seemed like things were moving on this evening, but as soon as we got to the hospital the contractions stopped and on examination were no further forward than they were 24 hours ago. Very depressing.

However the probable reason for it, according to the midwife, was probably due to the fact Andrea had not slept for 36 hours and not eaten for 24 hours apart from 2 bits of toast. We now have a tens machine to try and ease the pain and seems to be working so hopefully Andrea (and I) can sleep the remainder of tonight.

Hopefully with sleep and some more food tomorrow we can get this baby moving!

Which was greeted with this typical Gez reply:


You have the right set of skills to find some tasty morsels for her to eat and drink. DISCIPLINE.

Good Luck

Always knows what to say in an emergency.


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