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Monthly Archives: November 2011

So as Wim mentioned previously we’ve just finished our NCT antenatal classes and my, what an eye opener!  Luckily for me my brother’s been a bit of a breeder over the years so being Aunty to 3 I had some idea of what’s to come, whereas Wim on the otherhand (I think it’s fair to say) was clueless!

The course was well run and covered the theory on pretty much every conceivable thing we’ll need to know to get us through the first few months, from the practical view of dressing to feeding to the emotional side and how to remain civil to each other after yet ANOTHER sleepless night.  The course was arranged through and at a bit under £200 isn’t a cheap option but we both consider it money well spent, not least for the surprising but pleasing outcome of meeting like minded individuals in the same boat as you.   There were 8 couples in the group – two of which at the time of going to press already have their babies home safe & sound (congratulations Kelly & Caroline) – this is us (without the men) at the last session.

In order of due date (from right) Caroline, Me, Laura, Natasha, Maria & Alice (both Kelly & Helen were MIA that night)

So given that Caroline’s already had Jacob then I guess it should be my turn next but Bruce seems to be quite comfy where he is and if his time keeping is anything like Wim’s we’ll be lucky to see him before Christmas!


Not long to go now until Bruce makes his entrance. We’ve finished our NCT classes (might add a post on this) and learnt an awful lot about babies. I’m not sure if it has scared us too much, but it’s too late now.

Brucie is no longer breech so we’re just waiting for the natural start… The due date is 5th December, but hopefully he might decide to come any day now.



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