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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Below is the email we’ve sent to friends to orgainse a Vegas trip soon

Hey guys,

So… weird story, but stick with us. A few years ago, Wim and I set up
a music publishing company, based on an opportunity I had while in the
states. And, over the years, we’ve had a bit of success with it. Nothing
crazy, but probably more than we deserved based on the amount of time we
put in. So we would like to use some of the money to provide a once in a
lifetime opportunity: We’d like to have a bit of a party.

With our friends. In Las Vegas. For 7 nights.

The detail… In September 2014, we fancy a week in Las Vegas. If you’re
into any combination of casinos, theatre shows, or fancy seeing the
Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, then you’ll probably enjoy it. Your
flights and accommodation are paid for by us. All you need to worry
about is pocket money for food, drink and entertainment.

We need to plan a week (probably Wednesday to Wednesday) that we can all
make In September 2014. We’re sending this out now because we need to
know when people can make it and you have way 9 months to sort out any
time off work, passports, or suchlike. And there’s no need to give an
immediate answer – we’re just dropping it into your minds now. By all
means give either of us a shout if you have questions, but we’re looking
to follow up on it all after the New Year.

It’ll also be 20 years since the original Deva Radio, which aside from
reminding us how old we are, seems to be an excuse for a party.

Right… that’s it really… carry on!



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